ABOUT Mira EL Aamry

- Date of Birth : 20 December

- Place of birth : Oman

- Education : Faculty of Arts - Mass media and communications - Ain shams university 
- Favorite quote : " be happy and the whole world will be happy for you too"  

- Favorite food :  Macaroni/ pizza

- Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius

- Interests : walking - shopping

- Favorite singer : Fayrouz.

A5barna Aih?

Presented Show

It’s a show that presents light, weird and funny news around the world..

Yala Online

Presented Show

This radio show is dedicated completely to discuss and review new technology and telecommunication. Topics include computing, software, video games, tv, media, gadgets, mobile phones and science. The show is presented by: Ahmed El Baramawy,Tamer Emam, Heba El Sayed ( journalists specialized in technology) and Nayera sherif..


Presented Show

It’s a radio show that specializes in discussing the world of finance, business and economics. Presented by Ahmed Ya3koob (a Journalist specialized in economic affairs) and Nayera Sherif..