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ABOUT Engy Anwar

Engy Anwar Anchored through her Career some of the most distinguished talk shows in many Television networks.
Engy was the main host in “Elbeit beitak” the daily and main talk show at Ten Tv.
Then she created her own talk show “ Massa2 elkahera”
Which was one of the top 5 talk shows in Egypt aired on Ten Tv.
Engy was the main anchor ofAlyoum"show”.She hosted it from Dubai (July2009-2013):
 "Alyoum"originates simultaneously 
 from 5 countries in three continents. 
 The three hours program provides 
  viewers a window to the world
  through its coverage of the latest 
  news from the middle east and the
  world,as well as topics such as 
  health,entertainment news and
  sports,technology,social and 
  cultural issues."Alyoum"presents 
  straightforward news in a 
  relaxing,engaging environment.The 
  program also includes interviews 
  with everyone from politicians to
  atheletes;leaders in business and
  the arts.

-Working for Arabic Radio and TV(ART) in Cairo and Rome(1993-1998):
  Presenting and producing social,
  enteraining,fashion,artistic and
  musical programs.
  MC the festivals and events 
  produced by"ART".

-Working for "Channel one" the main channel of "ERTU" "The Egyptian TV" since 1998:
 Presenting and co-writing:
 1.Good Evening Egypt.
 2.Aflamna El Helwa.
 3.Da'wa(Program sponsored by first 
 lady aiming at eliminating illiteracy
 between women in the Egyptian 
 The signature show of the egyptian
 TV for two years..A show that 
 presents and analyses the latest 
 political,economic,social,sports and 
 artistic events.Akher Kalam 
 attracted advertisers and profits for 
 the egyptian TV.VIP and class A  
 guests were the only interviewees in 
 Akher Kalam which was the talk of  
 critics and viewers.
 5.El Had EL Fasel(A show that 
 hosts a politician and a movie 
 star in every episode).
 6.Good morning Egypt.
 MC of the concerts produced by 
 Egyptian TV.

 More experience:
-Presenting the opening ceremony of 
 Dream TV.
-Presenting "Arabic nights" on air 
 weekly program on El Mehwar TV.
 Now Engy is presenting “ El Gomla na2sa” at Mega Fm.

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